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Viswasam STORY Leaked..? Meesaiya Murukku Aathmika SHOCKED
Posted on Saturday February 03, 2018

Viswasam STORY Leaked..? Meesaiya Murukku Aathmika SHOCKED

Author: avatarkalakkalcinema
Tags: Viswasam STORY Leaked.. Meesaiya Murukku Aathmika SHOCKED
Posted: 03 February 2018

Meesaya Muruku Official Trailer WhatsApp Status Video
Posted on Sunday July 23, 2017

Author: avatarwhatsappmama
Tags: WhatsApp Meesaya Muruku status
Posted: 23 July 2017

Posted on Monday March 13, 2017


Welcome to Super Kitchen

In this video we are going to show you delicious Dholka recipe.To get text version of this recipe please scroll down till end, you will get other mouthwatering recipes videos links too.


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Gram Flour (Snakes of Basen)


* Besan/ Chickpea flour/ Kadala mavu - 1/2 cup

* Ghee - 1 cup

* Oil - 1/4 cup

* Youghurt 1 Cup

* Salt - 1 tsp

* Parsley 2 Tbsp

* A little amount of Dill

* Garlic 1 Tbsp

* lemon Juice 1 Tbsp

Steps of Cooking:

1- Sift the flour to get rid of the lumps.
Keep a tray, greased ready.

2- In a pan take water to boil it.

3- Add the flour slowly stirring

continuously. I used whisk for easy mixing.
Mix until smooth. The flame should always
be medium.

4- Mix and keep oil and ghee ready. Start
adding ghee slowly and add continuously
like 2-3 tblsp at a time. Keep stirring
until the ghee mixes and then add the next
batch of ghee and repeat until you finish
the ghee.

5- At one stage, the the colour changes to
pale and frothy here and there, so be
alert at this time and lastly the whole
mixture starts frothy as shown in the
picture. Also there will be a pleasant
cooked besan smell along with ghee smell.

6- Pour it to the greased tray and level it
with a spatula. Sprinkle sugar if
desired. Wait until warm and cut into
desired shape. Let it cool down
completely before transferring to the

7- Prepare the sauce for this purpose add
youghurt, salt, parsley, Dill, lemon
juice, Garlic paste and mix well. sauce
is ready.

8- Serve the snakes with sauce.


بیسن--------------------- 2/1کپ
دہی کی کٹھی------------- لسی 3کپ
کھانے کا سوڈا----------- ایک چٹکی
نمک----------- حسبِ ذائقہ
ہری مرچ---------- پسی 2چمچ
ادرک پسا---------- ایک ٹی سپون
تیل----------------- 2ٹیبل سپون
بگھار بنانے کے لئے اشیاء
زیرہ---------- 2/1ٹی اسپون
رائی------------ 2/1ٹی اسپون
کڑی پتہ---------- 4-5عدد

Dhokla banane ka tarika

بیسن کو دہی میں کی لسی کے ساتھ اچھی طرح مکس کرکے 7-8گھنٹہ کے لئے رکھ دیں۔
پھر اس میں باقی کے مصالحے ملا لیں۔
ایک برتن میں تیل ڈالیں اور اس مکسچر کو ڈال کر ہلکی آنچ پر پکالیں۔
جب کنارے چھوڑنے لگے تو اس کا مطلب ہے پک گیا۔
پھر چوکور ٹکڑے کاٹ لیں، زیرہ رائی اور کڑی پتے کا بگھار لگا لیں



Author: avatarsuperkitchen
Tags: dhokla recipe inhindi dhokla recipe dhokla khaman dhokla khaman dhokla recipe recipe for dhoklakhaman sev recipe masala dhokla recipehindi snacks with riceflour muruku recipe
Posted: 12 March 2017

Jallikattu Memes - Takkaru Takkaru Supportive Memes
Posted on Thursday January 26, 2017

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Author: avatarkollywoodsatz
Tags: Kollywood takkaru takkaru takkaru hip hop tamila aadhi takkaru takkaru jallikattu memes marina revolution jallikattu revolution tamil memes tamil
Posted: 26 January 2017

Lagu Deepavali Astro - Deepavali Bersama Muruku Astro - Muru & Ruku-0W9rIU_dL2o
Posted on Wednesday January 11, 2017

i-Kids - [PROMO] Episod 5

Author: avatarloan6283883
Tags: i-Kids PROMO Episod
Posted: 11 January 2017


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