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Posted on Saturday February 24, 2018

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Music: 02:27 Straddle In The Heartland 3 - Victor Olsson
06:20 Perfectly Opposite - Simon Gribbe feat. Dinah Smith
09:53 Ready For That Heartbreak - Loving Caliber
13:19 King Of KPop - Niklas Ahlström
14:15 Straddle In The Heartland 3 - Victor Olsson

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Posted: 24 February 2018

Sanam Baloch And Javeria Saud Funny Fight On Karachi Kings & Quetta Gladiators Team | Psl 2018 |
Posted on Saturday February 24, 2018

Author: avatarfunnyfacts02
Posted: 24 February 2018

Trump: Media Will Be 'Out Of Business' If I Don't Get Re-elected
Posted on Saturday February 24, 2018

President Trump said on Friday that the media will "eventually" support him because he generates good ratings.

President Trump on Friday said if he doesn't win in 2020, many of the media companies will be "out of business."
During his presidency, Donald Trump has gone after the media on numerous occasions, claiming that most of the stories are negative and not much coverage is given to his accomplishments.
But during his address at the Conservative Political Action Conference, the president said, "the media will absolutely support me sometime prior to the election."
"You know why? Because if somebody else won, their ratings would go down, they'd all be out of business," Trump added. "Nobody would watch. They'd all be out of business."
The president made similar remarks in an interview with the New York Times in December.
"Another reason that I'm going to win another four years is because newspapers, television, all forms of media will tank if I'm not there because without me, their ratings are going down the tubes," Trump told the Times. "So they basically have to let me win. And eventually, probably six months before the election, they'll be loving me."

Author: avatarGeoBeats
Tags: trump ratings media trump media support geobeats News US News
Posted: 24 February 2018

Khaani Episode 14 Flashback | Har Pal Geo
Posted on Saturday February 24, 2018

Khaani Episode 14 Flashback | Har Pal Geo

Khaani are often tagged as brave and headstrong community in our society. But our central character Sanam Khan is a pragmatic girl; even her younger sisters consider her as a coward person and tease her with the title “Khaani”. Her one and only brother Sarim is soon to be graduated and has to share the burden of house members.
On the other hand, Mir Hadi, a rich brat, short-tempered fellow and belongs to an influential family. He somehow gets the clash with Khaani’s family after an incident.
When influential offender Mir Hadi approaches Khaani’s family to settle the issue but surprisingly pigeon-hearted Khaani shows immense resistance. Mir Hadi gives them death threats, terrified them and his intimidating behavior pushes Khaani to stand like an iron wall in front of him. Khaani’s chivalry and bravery melts Mir Hadi’s heart and he falls in love with her.

Written by: Asma Nabeel
Directed by: Anjum Shehzad
Producers: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Production house: 7th Sky Entertainment

Cast with respective character names:
• Sana Javed as Khaani
• Feroze Khan as Mir Hadi
• Qavi Khan as Hamid Malik
• Mehmood Aslam as Mir Shah
• Saman Ansari as Sitara
• Salma Hassan as Sonia
• Seemi Pasha as Iffet
• Rashid Farooqui as Salman
• Mohammad Ali as Saarim
• Shehzad Mukhtar as Mithal
• Khushi Naeem as Raima

For More Videos & Update – https://www.youtube.com/harpalgeo


Author: avatarGeoTV
Tags: Khaani HAR PAL GEO Entertainment Episode 14 Flashback
Posted: 24 February 2018

Brigadoon eps 7
Posted on Saturday February 24, 2018

Marin is a typical junior high school girl with a sunny disposition and a loving adoptive family. Her life takes a drastic change when an mysterious mirage is seen in the sky above the entire earth. Killer androids called Monomakia descend to earth from the formation in the sky called Brigadoon and begin to hunt down little Marin. She discovers a blue bottle in a shrine as she seeks escape and from the bottle comes a protector, a sword carrying gun slinging alien called Melan Blue, together they must save the earth and deal with family crisis, school prejudice and the police and come to an understanding of Marins past and Melans unexplained mission, as well as learn to trust each other. Set in 1969 Japan with a colorful cast of friends and enemies. less

Author: avatarbenniedalton
Posted: 24 February 2018


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