Grand Island Liederkranz


Join now for fun in Grand Island! The city's oldest social club has much to offer with activities for all ages. The dining room and Ratskellar bar are open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. Play cards or shoot pool any night. Our Ballroom features one of the best dance floors in the area and is available to members for weddings and events. The Bowling Alley offers family and open bowling any night we're open and can be booked by members for other times. Private Parties may be planned in the Ballroom, Centennial Room, or Courtyard. Couples as well as Singles, both Men and Women, are welcome as members.Established in 1870, the Liederkranz honors the history and German heritage of Grand Island and offers a variety of social activities to its members., Grand Island Liederkranz, 114441786006, Download Facebook video and save them to your devices to play anytime for free

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